by caitlin
(Antioch,C.A., U.S.A.)

Is there such a thing as floral beach themed bedding? OK, so I'm a teen girl looking for a fun and colorful girls comforter set. I like flowers but I also like black and white bedding because then I can accessorize with any color I want. If I have bright colored bedroom decorations and then I suppose I don't need to have a floral comforter, do I?


I just think bright colors are so pretty. My favorite colors that I really like are blue, purple and light green but really any colors would work.

I just dont like a lot of brown.

I also like beach theme bedrooms and ocean theme bedding sets and stuff and that's why I am asking about beach themed bedding. But I haven't found a beach comforter that I want yet so I think I'd rather stick to floral.

Do you know of any girls comforters for sale that fit my style or have any girls bedroom decorating ideas to share that might help me?

From the webmaster:

Caitlin, it seems to me from the colors and style of bedding that you described that one of the beach themed Roxy Bedding sets would be perfect for you.

They are not so bold that you can't use brightly colored bedroom decorations and they have the best of floral and tropical beach themed fabrics. Some of their collections do have a brown color scheme but many do not, so just take a look and let me know what you think!

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