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A restful, modern master bedroom decorated in a natural neutral color scheme where white walls are positively perfect.
Home decorating magazines are filled with bedroom decorating ideas and tips. The amazing pictures are filled with what’s fashionable in bedroom designs, bedding and window treatments that are part of color schemes that are the envy of any fan of home decor.

You might think with these examples at our disposal that filling a mood board with bedroom decorating ideas would be easy as pie! With the shopping resources that generally accompany such articles, one trip to a bed and bath store and the do-it-yourself decorator should be all set with everything from comforters, curtains right down to the perfect area rug, right?

The truth is that as helpful as these bedroom decorating ideas are, rarely will the average person find using a carbon copy of the room that they see in a photo layout to be a workable plan. The problem with duplicating professionally decorated bedrooms that we see in magazines or on television shows is that they are not always

a. functional in the real world
b. suited for small bedrooms
c. doable on a tight budget
d. the right color

Speaking for myself and many people that I have done home interior work for, the bedrooms for teenage girls are too fussy, the bedrooms for teenage boys are too messy, the master bedrooms are much bigger than those found in the average home or apartment and who can afford that expensive designer bedding? Now do you get the picture?

Why do they tease us with bedroom designs that won't work?
The reasons for this are that featured bedrooms in pictures are most likely decorated for looks and not comfort. They are visually appealing but sadly, do not do well in the "real world" where apartment dwellers have small bedrooms, kids, pets and so little time to maintain luxury decor.

For instance, I am a total sucker for articles on shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas with accompanying photos. Layer upon layer of faded, vintage fabrics, ruffles, chipped furniture and hodgepodge arrangements of pottery and knickknacks displayed on the bedroom walls set my heart to racing. But the truth is that:

  1. Ruffles and fabrics covered in cabbage roses and my husband would not mix well
  2. I have very little time to spend dusting busy bedroom decorations
  3. there's no way that I'm ironing all those ruffles!

If we can’t rely on our favorite home decorating TV programs on HGTV, on Martha Stewart or home decorating books and magazines for stylish bedroom decorating ideas that we can use as a guide, what can we do?
I never said that we couldn’t use tips from these resources as inspiration. It would just be unrealistic for the average person who is decorating a bedroom in their home or apartment to copy these bedroom designs exactly and even if you were to successfully recreate the layout chances are that you would realize that the décor didn’t suit your needs or personality in some way.

Should we just buy a bed in a bag and pop the bedding on the bed, hang the curtains and consider the job done?
People do this all of the time but SHOULD you restrict yourself and go about decorating your bedroom using only the items that come in one, single bag? In my humble opinion, a room decorated in this way would be sadly lacking in personality. Also, you may find that when decorating the tiniest of bedrooms that all of the pieces in the bed in a bag are simply too much for the space or that a large bedroom is left looking bare. The key is to only use the products in the bed in bag that you need in a small bedroom. There is no rule that says you MUST use each and every throw pillow that comes in the collection if it serves no other purpose than to make the bedroom seem crowded and filled with clutter. In the opposite situation, the decorator should accessorize and add decorations that will personalize the room.

How do I decorate a bedroom that will reflect my personality
Themes are a super way to decorate bedrooms from the baby’s nursery to teenagers’ bedrooms. If you are decorating a bedroom for a teen girl you should know that teenagers’ bedroom themes are a world apart from most nursery themes and toddler bedroom themes. Some people cringe when the word “theme” is mentioned but when done right, a bedroom theme is a great way to personalize a teenager’s bedroom and kick off bedroom decorating ideas that will appeal to the most ticky teen girl or boy.

Decorating a Bedroom in Colors
Whether you choose a theme or not, color schemes are important. Choosing a bedroom design and furniture layout is important as far as “flow” and function is concerned but color selection has the strongest influence on the atmosphere. As an example, an orange or red bedroom may have an invigorating effect on some people making it difficult to relax where certain shades of blue or green will create a restful environment.

What it all amounts to is that it’s probably a bad idea to completely copy anyone's bedroom decorating ideas. Your input is all that can give you the ideal bedroom design. Take the tips and ideas from the experts, put your own spin on things and see what you come up with. Visit sample homes and pay attention to how the various color schemes affect your mood and take notes. This may seem like a lot of trouble to go to just to learn how to decorate one small bedroom but believe me; at the end of the day you will be very glad that you did.

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