Traditional and Modern Bedroom Design Ideas
How to Design Your Own Bedroom Like a Professional

On this page we have tips on how to simplify modern bedroom design ideas by breaking things down into specific categories. At the heart of every perfect bedroom is a plan and once you master the art of putting together that plan, you will be ready to design your own bedroom no matter how large or how small.

Certainly, the basic rules of interior design come into play but think about it; master bedroom design ideas and those that would work for a teenager's bedroom are so different that a decorator can hardly apply use the same method for both. After having decorated many, many bedrooms I can tell you that it's a mistake not to approach each and every bedroom with an open mind. Each project is unique according to its architecture as well as its occupant's wants and needs.

Airy, modern bedroom design. Headboard with a natural wood finish, white walls and white curtains give the room the illlusion of being large and spacious

TEENAGE BEDROOM DESIGN IDEAS must accomodate a girl's friends and a boy's sports equipment.
A teenage girls bedroom will most likely be used as her personal living room or den where she can entertain her girlfriends as well as a place to do her homework and as a last resort, sleep which can result in unbelievable clutter and a traffic flow that is anything but Feng Sui. More often than not, a teenage bedroom ideas for boys include a "catch as catch can" display of sports posters and dirty laundry.

If you've made it this far you should now understand what I meant when I told you that a multi-step approach to researching bedroom design ideas is always best. Knowing something about the individual's lifestyle and how the space will be utilized is crucial in determining the ultimate layout of the room, its furniture and storage needs. The key is not to tackle these issues together as a whole but to address each detail individually so that the right decisions and purchases can be made.

Parents should design a bedroom for their kids with their safety in mind before worrying with trivial matters of color and/or decor. Taking precautions like strapping chests of drawers that can topple over to the wall or choosing eco-friendly, chemical free furnishings are easy, inexpensive steps that will pay off in the long run. Every decision should be made with the intention of keeping the kids safe with attention to visual appeal and function following closely behind.

Closet storage needs of adults, teens and kids are hardly the same so bedroom closet designs would need to be adapted for each. Here are some examples of closets that are best for each age group:

Master bedrooms in even the tiniest of apartments often have double closets to meet a married couple's needs for "his and hers" storage and clothing organization. If not, an inexpensive closet organization system will help make the most of the space available.

A teenage girl’s bedroom closet should have rods place both high and low for blouses, jeans and dresses with racks either on the floor or a special hanging rack on the back of the closet door to handle her extensive wardrobe of shoes.

A teenage boy's bedroom closet might not use as much space for clothes but arranging special bins and compartments for organization of sports equipment presents its own special challenges.

Kids' bedroom furniture might be scaled to fit either the size smaller members of the family or their special needs. An example would be that a small table and chair in a corner is brought in to replace the glider rocker that is removed from the baby's nursery and re-purposed in another room of the home. Also, a toddler bed is often the precursor of a kids' twin size bed because it has a lower height making it easier for the child to get in and out of the bed alone or to avoid injury should there be the unexpected tumble out of the bed during naptime or in the middle of the night.

Furniture for a master bedroom is the opposite in that the bed and dresser are larger and more spacious to accommodate a man and wife rather than one person. Plus, if the room is large enough, an armoire to camouflage a television or a reading area with a comfortable armchair and floor lamp might be added to the basic bedroom furniture set.

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