Black Bedroom Ideas and Decorating Tips

The number of requests that I get for black bedroom ideas is pretty amazing especially in light of the fact that most of us are decorating small rooms. You see, most of us were taught in interior design school to steer clear of using too much black in a space since black tends to visually pull in the walls and make a room look smaller than it actually is.

We were taught that one surefire way to upset a client is to make their home with its airy and spacious architecture seem to have less square footage than they paid for. So, what is a decorator to do when asked to paint the bedroom walls and/or ceilings black, find a black bedding set or furniture?

Modern master bedroom with solid black painted walls.

That brings us to the first rule of managing a successful business; the customer is always right. The idea is to give them what they want without compromising the project. And in regard to black bedroom decorating ideas, the best way to get the job done is to pair it with lighter colors of which (thank Heaven) there are many that counteract its restrictive nature.
There are several black color schemes that are all girl, some that are very masculine and others that will work for either.

Neutral Black Bedrooms
Black and white bedrooms as well as black and antique white or beige bedrooms are neutral combinations that would be equally desirable in a master bedroom, a boy's room or a girl's boudoir with the right accessories.

Black Bedroom Ideas for Girls
A black and pink bedroom layout would be an obviously feminine choice and a very versatile one! I have used this combination for a toddler girl's pink poodle bedroom, a tween's pink skull theme room and a sophisticated college dorm room's decor.

Other feminine accent colors that brighten black beautifully in a girl's room would be aqua blue, teal green, red and yellow.

Black Bedroom Ideas for Boys
Boys love rooms decorated with black. Could this be where the term "man cave" originated? I have often had to mediate between mother and son when decorating a teen boy's bedroom as to how dark the room should be.

Color combinations that most often got the approval of both parent and son were:

1. Black and Red
2. Black and Gray
3. Black and Tan

The beauty of decorating a bedroom in black is that everything works as an accent color, even dark, chocolate brown. So, with a few additions of tan, brown or gray here and there a compromise could usually be reached.

The kind of black bedroom ideas that teen boys and girls enjoy are usually of the dramatic variety. The goal for predominantly black master bedrooms is to create an atmosphere of tranquility and sophistication.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in decorating a bedroom in black. Is there any wonder that black never goes out of style or looks dated?

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