Coolest Boys Bedroom Ideas, Themes and Colors for Rooms Kids Love

We have the coolest boys bedroom ideas in themes and color schemes that will reflect your toddler or teenage boy's personality. Young men appreciate a nicely decorated room as much as anyone even if they do occasionally forget to pick their clothes up and put them in the laundry.

Moms and dads are excellent at guessing what is best for their little boys bedroom but decorating a bedroom for a teenage boy can be very tricky. Which brings us to the question of how do you find out what tweens and preteen boys want for their rooms? Boys of all ages have a difficult time describing a room where they feel comfortable.
Boys skateboard theme bedroom with skateboarding wall decals and stickers and a blue comforter set

Skateboard Theme Bedroom

You don't have to be a mind reader to know that if your son loves skateboarding that he would be pleased to see wall decorations like these stickers over the headboard of his bed when he comes home from a long day at school.

There's no special wall prep needed, just peel and stick the decals where they look the best. They are available in all colors and chances are that you won't have to buy a new comforter set.

Toddler boys are limited by vocabulary and teenage boys (when you can actually get them to talk to you at all) seem reluctant to describe a bedroom design for fear of being laughed at that's where knowing something about their hobbies comes in handy.


Batman Bedroom

Some boys just want to be left alone and would be happy as clams with aluminum foil taped over the windows and a mattress on the floor. In this situation, I make it very clear (within earshot of the boy) that my goal is to bring decorating ideas to the next meeting that will reflect their taste with a color scheme and ideas for bedding and decor that will reflect THEIR decorative preferences. If anything will get a teenage boy to participate in a conversation about boys bedroom ideas it’s the threat of his room looking like an adult’s rather than a kid’s.

Now that you have his individed attention, ask him what his favorite color might be. Ask him what his hobbies are, if he has any heroes or if he’s active in sports. The process may take a little while but once you engage the young man in conversation, chances are you will come away from the meeting with enough information to fill an inspiration board with boys bedroom ideas!

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