Girls Butterfly Bedroom Theme Decorating Ideas and Bedding Sets

A butterfly bedroom theme is a delightfully airy style of decor. The bedding sets and accessories vary from very bright and bold colors to those that are as soft as a baby's sigh. And the color schemes possible with a butterful themed room are endless.

The choices we make in decorating a girl's butterfly bedroom theme have a direct effect on the atmosphere. An example would be the differences in a room decorated with butterflies as close as what you would expect to find in nature that would call for natural accessories and a fantasy theme that featured flower fairies.

girls bright queen toddler butterfly bedding comforter set bed in a bag pink and purple


girls butterfly light fixture chandelier pottery barn teen ceiling lamp

It’s easy to transform that generic lamp to fit your girls’ butterfly theme bedroom design by simply decorating the lampshade with butterfly decals or stickers or attaching silk butterflies to it with a hot glue gun if you are running short on your decorating budget. If funds are not an issue, jump in and go all out with a butterfly chandelier from Pottery Barn or one of the other stores that specialize in bedroom decor for girls. And while you’re shopping, keep your eyes open for a cute, butterfly rug for the side of the bed.

The color and style of my girls butterfly bedroom theme accessories and decor depends not only on which side of the bed I rolled out of that morning but on the age, and of course the taste, of my client. A toddler girl’s butterfly theme bedroom is traditionally a dreamscape of light and airy pastels whereas a college coed might want prefer her butterfly bedroom decorations to be funky and wild ala the graphics on Iron Butterfly’s Inna Godda Davida album cover. And then there are the naturalists who believe there is no design as perfect as the one Mother Nature created who might want to use their butterfly collection as part of the wall decoration.

The colors and designs available in butterfly bedding sets for kids or older girls vary wildly as do the unique decorations that have recently hit the stores to complement them. Each of which lends itself well to a just as varied type of artwork and room decoration. Here are some tips on items that may be used to complement your preferred style of girls butterfly bedding sets.

There are glow in the dark butterfly canopies that easily adapt to beds in toddler to twin size that would look just as precious in a baby girl's butterfly nursery theme decorated with a set of butterfly baby bedding as it would in your diva’s college dorm room. At the time of this article you can pick up a butterfly canopy kit in an online auction for less than $5. It’s rare that we luck up on such a cheap item that has such a large decorative impact.

Chances are some window treatments were included if you bought a bed in a bag or were available in your bedding collection. But you might want to go just a teeny step further by decorating the shades with some butterfly stickers and decals or by decorating the glass of the windowpanes with clings.

These decorating ideas for a butterfly bedroom theme should put you well on your way towards creating a room that a girl of most any age will appreciate. Chances are that you will put your own creative touches on them while incorporating them into your little girls’ personalized butterfly theme bedroom design. And when you are finished, you are invited to return to share your bedroom decorating ideas and to upload your butterfly bedroom pictures.

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