Is there a basement in your property? If there is and currently you only use it as a space for storage, then you are not making the best use of your property.

Basements can easily be redesigned into a spare room, gym, office, or even a home bar. Which of these four options is most interesting to you?

If it’s a basement bar design then you will have a room to entertain guests as well as relax in private after a hard working day.

Before telling all your friends and family about your plans you should first of all have a basic idea on how you want the finished bar to appear.

Actual Style Of Bar

The information in this article should help you narrow down your ideas.

What is the actual style of bar that would be preferable in your basement.

It can be helpful to sketch out a few rough plans on paper as this would allow you to get a better picture of the design concept.

When planning where to place the various components you need to think about the lighting as well as the available space.

The two main choices when it comes to the actual bar top are L-shaped or straight designs.

If you were to opt for an L design then you would be able to have more natural conversations with guests as eye contact would be made easier.

You should also think about were to prepare and mix drinks.

It is important to put together a list of all the items and materials that would be required.

Install a Basement Bar is Actually Not so Difficult

Then you should figure out how much of the work you can do yourself and what would actually require the service of a professional tradesman.

To install a basement bar is actually not so difficult as long as you have the right tools and basic DIY experience.

You will need to think about the actual bar frame and plumbing, lighting and wiring, as well as the overall decor.

You may find that you get more inspiration by checking out other people’s home bar designs.

Every year more householders are installing basement bars in their properties as the cost of going out to socialize is often seen as prohibitive.

If any friend or colleague has a basement bar then ask if you can take some pictures to help with the planning of your design.

The internet is an excellent resource to browse a wide selection of home bar concepts.

Unless you have experience, it is best to avoid attempting the plumbing and wiring by yourself.

Leave these aspects to the professionals while you concentrate on the walls and flooring.

Once the bar has been finished you need to get hold of your liquid supplies.

Another consideration is whether or not to install a home entertainment system.

There is nothing like sitting down in our own private bar watching our favorite teams battle it out on a flat screen TV.

Choosing Home Bar Supplies For Your Basement Bar

Before getting involved in the buying of home bar supplies and prior to organizing and creating an ideal basement bar, you will do well to understand that the task is not as daunting as you may be expecting.

All you need is to create a list of required supplies and then with the right furniture and equipment you will not find it difficult to create a basement bar that is perfect for your entertainment needs.

You also do not need to worry too much about purchasing fancy items of accessories or gadgets because the real need is to buy supplies that are appropriate for your tastes, needs and budget.

As a matter of fact, the most basic home bar supplies are those that are quite simple and which everyone that has a bar will need to buy.

These include items such as beer mugs as well as high ball glasses and furthermore you will do well to purchase wine and shot glasses while keeping in mind the type of drinks you will be serving on a regular basis.

It is also essential to purchase a can opener, bottle opener and you also will need corks and corkscrews.

It also helps if you have on hand an ice bucket with tongs and an ice pick and you must also include essential home bar supplies such as peg measures and cocktail shakers.

It is also necessary to have a strainer available that can along with a nice set of measuring spoons help you run your bar more efficiently.

Be sure to also have hand towels and paper napkins which are essential items for your bar.

Bar Supplies

Other important home bar supplies that every basement bar must have include liquor and items that help with stirring up drinks including your cocktails and any other drink.

It is obvious that you should also have basic alcohol and these should be chosen according to how well they suit your preferences and your tastes.

You must also stock your bar with whiskey, vodka, rum and gin and some excellent wine too will be much appreciated.

A bar without plenty of beer will certainly be considered under stocked and so you should have plenty of it.

And if you like to serve cocktails then you will need to shop for fruit juices, sauces such as Tabasco and Worcestershire and be sure to add some liqueur and tonic and soda water to the supplies as well.

As long as you have such basic items of home bar supplies you will be able to entertain guests with full confidence.

Of course, you must also spend some time in organizing the bar which is possible by first setting the alcohol in related groups.

The glasses must be set out according to their type and size and a small candy is excellent for storing picks and straws and cocktail stirrers.

You can place napkins in a napkin holder which may also be used to hold some cocktail napkins.

Small jars are ideally suited for keeping garnishes and your seasonings that will be used in making cocktails.

The jars can be placed in a spice rack which will help to keep things well organized.

Once your basement bar has been organized it is then necessary to use the bar efficiently and effectively.

You must also be knowledgeable about how to create nice cocktails and you must also know which glasses are used for different cocktails.

Be careful that the liquor is stored away from light and direct heat and place a plastic container or carton in which you can store dirty glasses and empty bottles.