by Ellie

Red and White Candy Cane Log Cabin Christmas Quilt

Red and White Candy Cane Log Cabin Christmas Quilt

Red and White Candy Cane Log Cabin Christmas Quilt Red and White Candy Cane Log Cabin Christmas Holiday Quilt Fabrics

I just adore Christmas quilts but you just don't get enough use out of handmade quilts made from quilting fabrics with pictures of Santa Claus, holly berries and Christmas trees on them.

The initial expense to buy the quilts, have them made or devoting the time it takes to find a quilt pattern, choose quilting fabric and make it yourself substantial.


To put all that money and time towards something that you will enjoy (at the most) 30 days out of the year seems extreme, not to mention the storage space that it takes for a king size or queen size Christmas quilt is nothing to sneeze at. Those vinyl comforter storage bags (are they still called space bags?) do help some but sucking the air out of a quilt can only do so much.

My solution for this problem is to buy a quilt like the log cabin quilt in holiday colors that you see in the pictures and use it all winter. I usually make the extra effort and pull my holiday bedding out from under my comforter to make it more visible during the month of December and then tuck it back under for warmth after the holidays. When I bought it, the red and white fabrics made me think of a peppermint stick! And if there is anything more Christmas-y than peppermint candy, I want to know what it is!

Of course, if you have a rustic log cabin bedroom theme you could keep your quilt on display all the time during the cold winter months but red bedding really doesn't fit with my usual bedroom decorating theme or color scheme.

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