by Inga

Coca Cola Theme Comforter Set

Coca Cola Theme Comforter Set

Coca Cola Theme Comforter Set Stay Tuned for Coca Cola Theme Bedroom Pictures

Here are some of the Coca Cola decorating ideas that I used for my dorm room. If you would like to know why I have Coca Cola bedding at college, my dad has worked for the bottling company just like his dad did the logo and all kinds of collectibles and memorabilia are already all over our house.


red and white collectible coca cola mini refrigerator fridge cooler

I thought that it would be cool to take my comforter set from home with me to school and I was pretty sure nobody else would have one like it...and I was right. The bedding is not a real girly set like a lot of the other girls here have, but it's different and I like that.

Besides the red and white Coca Cola bedding set, one of the best Coca Cola decorating ideas that I came up with (my idea not my mom's) was my own personal fridge that you see in the pictures. I first shopped for one at Walmart but all they had was white and black refrigerators. I found the best buy online plus the mini fridge matches my dorm room decor perfectly!

And when I go home for the summer it will fit right in.

From the webmaster:

Thanks for sharing your Coca Cola decorating ideas with us, Inga! I'll bet that your soft drink dorm room decor is a real conversation starter!


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Coca cola decorating NEW
by: Arief

I love it very much. I need to boughtbthis. Where i can bought this ??? Tx.

Coca cola NEW
by: Anonymous

I love it. Where i can bought this ???

coca cola bedding NEW
by: Anonymous

Where can we find this coca cola bedding? I love it!

by: Anonymous

where can you get this set

by: Anonymous

Where does one buy this bedding? I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Coca Cola bedding
by: Anonymous

I love this Coca Cola bedding set!

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