Cute Dog Bedroom Theme Ideas and Bedding Sets for Girls and Boys

From toddler right on up to college girls entering vet school, a dog bedroom theme is a favorite. Girls and boys enjoy putting the spotlight on their favorite pooch to honor their best friend in the world because they truly love them as well as to make their room cute and cozy.

Puppy dogs of all varieties are popping up as the theme of kids' bedding sets including labrador retrievers, feisty little dachshunds and the beloved Heinz 57 hound that was rescued from the pound and given a furr-ever home. On this page we will share some decorating ideas for how to showcase the family's pooch in a fun yet tasteful fashion that will have your four legged friends barking with delight

Best friends puppy dog themed bedding and comforter set collection in pink and gray for girls with a variety of dogs including French poodles dachshunds dalmations labrador retrievers plaid and polka dots dogs and mutts

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After the perfect puppy dog comforter set is in place, the next step will be to choose matching window treatments. Making the decision as to whether full length curtain panels or a window topper or valance would be best depends on how much natural light you want to allow into the room or whether sun-blocking curtains, blinds or shades are needed.

Full floor length curtain panels in a teenage girl bedroom with puppy dog theme drapery tie backs

Curtain Critters Puppy Dog Themed Curtain Tie Backs

A unique and creative way to put a girl's beloved stuffed toys on display in a dog bedroom theme is to use them as tiebacks for the window treatments. Full length curtain panels can be pulled to the side and held to allow natural light into the room during the day and released to cover the windows for privacy at night and to block the sun should the kids want to sleep late.

There are any number of ways to personalize the walls in a dog bedroom theme including:
  • Framed photos of your favorite pooch
  • Posters featuring your favorite breed
  • putting your puppy's pretty jeweled collars and leashes on display by hanging them on a decorative rack
  • Vinyl decals with a meaningful dog quote surrounded with random puppy dog paw prints

Home is where the dog is saying framed by puppy dog paw prints vinyl wall decals and stickers

My favorite dog quotation framed by puppy dog paw prints vinyl wall decals and stickers

Teenage girls (and boys) have a tendency to change their minds at the drop of a hat. If this describes you or your kids, putting reusable vinyl wall decals to work decorating the walls of your room makes a lot of sense.

The paw prints can be relocated not once or twice, but over and over again whenever the mood strikes. And they make a lovely "frame" for an inspirational doggy quotation for a dog loving adult's master bedroom or an older child's room.

When decorating a dog themed bedroom for a boy, masculine colors will be required. Needless to say, young men would not want pink scotty dogs or poodles decorating their room.

Green and brown duck hunting dogs theme camouflage print bedding and comforter set for boys kids and adults

Dog Theme Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Not all dog loving boys are hunters but even if the young man never plans to go hunting, there's a lot to love about a comforter set covered in woodland scenes and labrador retrievers.

In a dog themed bedroom decorated for a toddler, use a collection of wall stickers to create a lively, colorful full wall mural including:

  • Lots of dogs (of course)
  • Dog bones
  • A dog house with a personalized sign over the door with your puppy's name on it
  • A conveniently located, bright red fire hydrant
  • A scattering of puppy dog paw prints

Kids puppy dog bedroom wall mural with dog bones fire hydrant paw prints and personalized dog house name sign vinyl <a href=wall decals and stickers">

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Please make plans to visit us again soon to see the latest in dog bedroom theme decor and bedroom decorating ideas for girls and boys of all ages.


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