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College Dorm Decorating Ideas for Girls

The girls’ bikinis are barely dry when we find ourselves shopping for dorm room decor. If you are the mother of a college age girl you realize that dorm room decorating is a big deal these days. Dorm room designs are as much a part of collegiate life as Sorority sisters and hanging out in the quad between classes.
No longer satisfied with sizing up the other students based on wardrobe alone, girls have taken to drifting from room to room comparing their own rooms with that of their neighbors. The challenge for a decorator is that she is working with very little space and more often than not a young lady who is not really sure what she wants, not to mention the probability that once she has made a decision that she may change her mind at the very last minute.

Dorm Room Decor

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This is the part where I might say that this or that color scheme is all the rage or that animal print dorm room bedding sets are what the stylish coed is using this fall. But, the truth is that it’s just not that easy. On average, I am in charge of decorating dorm rooms for about a dozen sorority girls every fall and I have never seen a particular color or repeat itself in any significant manner.

If any of the girls happen to know each other well enough to know what kind of comforter set her friend has her eye on or what kind of dorm bedding and decor the other has chosen, it’s very likely that this young lady will choose the exact opposite. Whether this is for the sake of originality and not wanting to be accused of being a copycat or if she just didn’t like the decorations or colors that the other girl picked there’s just no way to know.

One of the very first questions that I ask when hired for a dorm room decorating job is whether or not the girl will have the room all to herself or whether she will have a roommate. If she will be sharing the space, decorating decisions just got much more complicated. There are several ways to approach this issue, you can either:

  1. Get the jump on the roommate by buying your comforter set first and therefore forcing her (hopefully) to choose her bedding to complement yours rather than you being forced to work with her choices. The problem with this is that some girls would rather the room be a decorative disaster than to work with a color scheme that she had no say in selecting.
  2. If the roommate’s identity is known, plan a shopping day so that the two of you can bond while decorating the dorm.
  3. Wait until you meet your roomy and decorate the room together.  

Decorating a dorm room can be tough for the DIY decorator (and hardworking professionals, too!) so if you have some pictures of a room that you and your sorority sister decorated that is a complete knockout or some bedroom decorating ideas that you would like to share, please use the form that Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Designs has provided on this page to show us how you decorated your dorm room.

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