Folding Room Dividers, Screens and Panels to Define Spaces in Your Home

Cheap folding room dividers are a stylish and effective way to define areas of any room or establish boundaries if needed as often is the case in kids rooms. If you want more privacy in a corner to break it away from the rest of the interior, a solid panel room divider is best. If your goal is to simply create a visual break in an otherwise oversized space, room divider screens with semi-transparent or even glass inserts in the folding panels will suffice.

Before you head out to your local furniture store with credit card in hand or look for free shipping options from a store online, you should know that there may be more kinds of folding room dividers than you ever believed possible. This can be a bad thing as the selection tends to be overpowering to the novice, do-it yourself decorator. But if you take a moment to educate yourself as to the many different types, you will be able to identify the best style for your room.

Oriental style cherry blossom tree bedroom room divider in a red and black room

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Oriental Room Dividers are often decorated with delicate paintings of cherry blossoms or scenes from the far east.

Modern room divider with a wooden frame painted in black enamel separating the bedroom from a sitting area

If your home’s decor trends toward the contemporary minimalist partitions made of sleek wood and clear glass will serve your purpose.

These are very modern and contemporary pieces of furniture with modern glass and wood partitions. However, you can get traditional and historic types that will also change the mood and define the style of your place also.

How many articles of furniture can double as a picture frame? Well, that’s just one of the many benefits of modern room dividers. Create a collage of those family photos without having to pay for framing!

A kids’ shared bedroom doesn’t seem so bad when they are decorative and have pictures of their favorite cartoon characters or rock and roll stars on the panels. Plus, the folding room dividers or screens can serve as a boundary from one child’s space to another to avoid arguments.

The advantage to using fabric rather than folding wooden panels is that the curtain rods are suspended from the ceiling and take up no floor space. Simply slide them to the side when you prefer the room to be open unlike folding room dividers that would have to be picked up and stored which makes them a poor choice for the elderly who may be lacking the physical strength to manage heavy wooden panels or homes that have no storage space nearby.

I have based many oriental Bedroom Decorating Ideas on vintage Japanese folding screens with amazing results. If you have a few tips or need some ideas for how to use folding room dividers to enhance the looks of your kids room or another area of your home, please use the form on this page to tell us how you did it and pictures are always appreciated!

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