Elegant but Less Expensive French Country Bedding and Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We have French country bedding and bedroom decorating ideas that will introduce you to the concept that includes layering of fabrics in various colors and patterns. Subtlety is what makes decorating a bedroom in this style successful. Choosing a design can be so much fun but blending cabbage roses, plaid patterns and roosters can be a little tricky.

The upside is that this is a very relaxed style of decor where shabby chic rules and many of the standard decorating rules either don’t apply or can be stretched if not completely broken.

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To one person, the line between French country and shabby chic decor is so blurry as to be non-existent. And to another, the formal atmosphere that an eclectic mix of black and white toile, ticking stripes and gingham fabrics in red and white, black and white or all of the above in a bedroom decorated with a collection of rooster shaped ceramic figurines. There are so many ways we have of recreating the beauty and romance that is reminiscent of rural areas found in France; nuances are the key.


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How to Choose the Right Style in French country bedding

Keeping the style casual is important but not difficult to manage unless you are working with toile fabrics. When decorating with French toile, I have been known to veer off course and into a formal mode that was not the look that I was after at all!

What are the Best Colors for a French Country Bedroom

A discussion of the French country color palette is the subject for another article but I will say that varying shades of yellow, red, antique white and blue are all common in this style of decor.

Here are some tips for determining the color scheme of the room. Shop for a shabby quilt made with fabrics that blend. Take your decorating cues from the eclectic mix of colors and patterns that are used in each block. You need a quilt that has obviously been through the wash and has that desirable, well-worn look.

Keep toile fabrics to a minimum. As I mentioned earlier too much toile will take your French country bedroom decor in a less than relaxed direction.

The Differences in French Country and Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

The lines are often blurred between these styles. The subtle differences can be confusing but most decorators believe that it comes down to two simple words; elegance and color. Shabby is quaint and the colors are often faded and feature the unique patina that comes from age.

French country bedroom decorations are something you might expect to see on a trip to the Louvre while shabby chic decorations might have been picked in a thrift store or at a local flea market.

The shabby bedding ensemble might have vintage sheets, topped with a worn chenille bedspread or country quilt positioned diagonally finishing off with lots of miss-matched accent pillows piled in front of ruffled pillow shams. French country bedding may be a mixture of fabrics and patterns but the fabrics would most likely be a variety of silks and embroidered sheets and shams.

This is probably not the place for Eiffel Tower pictures or sophisticated Parisian style decorations. Save those for a girl's Paris apartment theme. However, this wall is an excellent place to blend the rustic aspects of your decor with dainty floral patterns. Think vintage, ceramic or wooden wall pockets filled with dried lavender and baby’s breath that reflect the fabric patterns that you used to make your French country bedding look fabulous.

Vintage iron beds and flea market furnishings painted in sky blue, sea green will give you the old world charm that you want. Rather than replace your existing bed, you might remove the headboard (and footboard if you have one) and replace it with a rusty but ornate metal gate that you found digging through an architectural salvage yard. I believe that you will appreciate the contrast of the rusted iron and touches of floral accents in the bedding when you see the room as it comes together.

I hope that I have helped you get started with these tips, Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Designs and have helped you know how to choose French country bedding with the perfect color palette for your bedroom.

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