Cute Teenage Girls Bedding Sets and Comforters for Bedrooms that Rock

We bring you bedroom decorating ideas for cute teenage girls bedding sets and comforters that will save you (mom and dad?) lots of money and time. The colors and patterns set them apart from what adults want in the master bedroom but then, that's kind of the point, right?

That's the fun part of decorating a teenage girl's room, coming up with something original and different than decor seen in the rest of the family home and giving a tween or teen an opportunity to express her own unique decorative personality. We start by checking out girls' comforter sets before we move on to choosing wall decorations and window treatments because bedding is the linchpin of most bedroom designs.

Teen girl bedroom with hot pink zebra girly skulls and cheetah print wallpaper

Hot Pink and Black Zebra Bedding

Take, for instance, the difference in the most popular colors in zebra bedding for girls and those preferred by adults. My guess is that you will see very few if any hot pink and black zebra comforter sets in a master bedroom.

Pink and black in most any bedroom theme screams tween or teen girl with or without the girly skull fabric and wall decals.

girls room bedding sets collection comforters bed in a bag

Girls White and Black Bedding

Girls Lime Green Bedding
Girls Brown Bedding
Girls Polka Dot Bedding
Ladybug Bedding Set
Tropical Bedding for Girls
Bedding from Twilight
Zebra Bedding for Girls
Blue and Brown Bedding for Girls
Skull Bedding for Girls
Girls Purple Bedding
Monkey Bedding for Girls
Girls Mermaid BeddingGirls Butterfly Bedding
Girls Cowgirl Bedding
Camouflage Bedding for Girls
Girls Dragonfly Bedding
Cow Print Bedding
Purple Polka Dot Bedding
Dorm Bedding for Girls
Orange Bedding for Girls
Halloween Bedding
Christmas Bedding
Funky Bedding for Girls
Dora BeddingGirls French BeddingBeach BeddingRed White and Blue Bedding
Princess Bedding for GirlsDamask Bedding for GirlsGirls Animal Bedding

Sadly, some manufacturers take advantage of our passion for color and use our weakness for what is trendy and fashionable to pass off poorly sewn comforter sets made from flimsy fabrics that won’t make it past one sleepover without a rip, tear or a failed trip through the laundry with where the dye either ran or faded to the point of no return.

You might expect a lack of long term durability from that cheap, girls bed in a bag set that you bought for less than fifty dollars ($50). But if you pulled out all the stops and paid big bucks for an expensive custom set of bedding thinking it was a good investment, the realization that your money was spent on a girls comforter set in the fall that needs to be tossed in the trash by Christmas can be rather off putting to say the least.

I confess to having been stopped in my tracks in the aisle of the bed and bath department at the store by the mere sight of a designer bedding collection that from a distance seemed to be the answer to a prayer for a particular bedroom decorating project. Even though I should know better than to be taken in by the decorative equal to just another pretty face I’m just as guilty as an amateur when it comes to love at first sight.

Being certain that your girls comforter set meets your expectations means checking the content and weave of the fabric and going over the seams and trim with a keen eye for detail. Does this information that you gather tell you that it is washable regardless of what the little tag says? It is going in a girl’s room. Bedding that must be dry cleaned can end up costing several times what the initial purchase price indicates. Your little girl’s bed set should not be high maintenance unless price is not an issue. The same rules hold true whether shopping for girl baby bedding sets or comforters for teenage girls.

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