by emma
(united states, mn)

Hi my name is Emma and I need some girls bedroom decorating ideas! We just moved into a new house and my mom's letting me re-do my bedroom. I'm in 8th grade and I was thinking about painting two of my walls in black chalkboard paint. If I do that I can draw on my walls with out my mom flipping out at me.

I want suggestions for girls bedroom decorating ideas that will make my room different from other girls' rooms that are in my grade. But I don't want it to be super different.

I am into art, skateboarding, snowboarding, volleyball, and soccer. You suggest to check out my wardrobe to see which colors I buy alot. I did this and I notice that I wear dark colors the most. So, I don't think I would like a pastel color scheme.

I don't like the super girly girl stuff but I dont want my room to look like a guy's room either. I hope that this is enough information for somebody to suggest some girls bedroom decorating ideas!

From the Webmaster

Hi Emma! From your comments I see that you would not be happy with a pink, lavender or pale yellow room. But what about hot pink, deep purple and/or bright yellow?

It's clear that you are very athletic so what about a sports theme room that has a feminine color scheme?

Let me know what you think!

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