Cool Toddler to Teenage Girls Bedroom Themes and Decorating Ideas

On this page you will find a list of the best girls bedroom themes for teenage girls and younger. Some of the ideas are for little girls while others might be suitable for a tweens and teens . Some people completely reject the idea of decorating in themes saying that they are "cheesy" and have no real style.

My opinion is that they have a place in interior design as the addition of characters or particular patterns add to the color scheme rather than detract. To put it in simple words, when they are done correctly they can be just as attractive as any room decorated using color theory alone and lots of fun, too.

Girls Bedroom Themes

best girls bedroom themes little tween teen
Teenage girls bedroom decorating idea in pink teal aqua paint color and bedding set and white with chevron wall painting technique

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Butterfly Bedroom Theme

Princess Bedroom Ideas
Zebra Bedroom Theme
Bohemian Bedroom Themes
Surfer Girl Bedroom Themes
Peace Sign Bedrooms
Retro Bedroom Themes
Beach Theme
Punk Bedroom Themes
Gothic - Medieval Bedrooms
Ocean Themed Bedroom
Horse Themes
Mermaid Bedroom Theme
Twilight Theme
Vampire Bedroom Themes
Stripes and Polka Dots
Rockstar Theme
Vintage Victorian
Flower Power 60’s
Bedroom Themes

Cottage Garden Theme
Monkey Theme Bedroom
Tropical Bedroom Themes
Cowgirl Theme
Horse Bedroom Theme
Dog Bedroom Theme

For some strange reason, people either adore using themes to gather decorating ideas for girls’ bedrooms. As far as mom is concerned, the dislike may come from too many of their friends having decorated with a particular style in the past. This is unfortunate for me because all it takes is for one subject to have been "done to death" to make my job more difficult. And then there is what I refer to as the decorative age barrier. This is when some young ladies believe that girls’ bedroom themes are for babies, which is certainly true. And I adore baby girls nursery themes just as much as I love using them for toddlers, tweens and teens!

If you and your daughter choose to decorate her room based on a theme then consider me in your corner, Sister. And you can use my list of the best girls’ bedroom themes to start you on your journey of decorating your girl’s bedroom. And once you take this first step, you will see that we are not alone in choosing to decorate in this fashion. More than a few cute, girls bedding sets are available for most of the popular girls’ bedroom themes in my list. And if you can’t find a bed in a bag set that works for you, there is fabric for sale that gives you an incredible amount of creative control and an opportunity for you and your daughter to bond while creating the fantasy bedroom of your dreams.

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