Green, Black, and White Bedroom

by Jordan
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

I want a green, black and white bedroom color scheme. I like the look of polka dots when you mix all of these colors together like a green and white sheet set matched or accented with a black bed. You could then have all three of those colors around the room.

From Claire:

black and white polka dots bedding comforter set


I like your ideas for your color scheme. In fact, I started looking for lime green, black and white bedding both with and without polka dots immediately only to find very little to work with other than this black and white polka dot comforter set and some polka dot wall decals in the colors you mentioned.

What do you think? Will this comforter set get a girl started on a green black and white bedroom or do you have a source for bedding in those colors?

lime green black and white polka dots wall decals stickers

I'm wondering whether these decals would work as wall decorations or would that make a green black and white bedroom decorated in polka dots entirely too "dotty"?

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