by Louisa

The answer to my Christmas decorating problems was a set of holiday penguin bedding. The cute penguin duvet cover (in the picture) and a set of flannel snowflake sheets took care of decorating my dorm room for the holidays leaving me more time for snow skiing and parties!

I'm a nut for Christmas but I'm pretty lazy and the idea of hauling my regular comforter set home and then loading a Santa Claus comforter back to school was too much.

blue snowflakes flannel sheets penguin holiday bedding comforter duvet cover


I bought a set of snowflake flannel sheets and the cute penguin print duvet cover and VOILA I had a set of holiday penguin bedding with a minor amount of work.

After the holidays, I'll remove the duvet cover but keep the flannel sheets for another couple of months. If I were at home, I might handle things differently but for now I can make do with my makeshift holiday penguin bedding set. Actually, I'm getting a lot of compliments on it.

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