Hot pink, Electric Blue, Bright Purple Comforter

by Laur

I'm looking for a Hot pink, Electric Blue, Bright Purple Comforter! I recall seeing a bedding set that had the colors of hot pink, bright blue and purple in one of your postings about bedroom decorating ideas for purple and lime green and the one that I want has this combination of bold colors.


Do you have any suggestions or ideas on where I can find a comforter with these colors or any that might help?

From the webmaster:

I'm not sure which of the
hot pink, electric blue, bright purple comforter sets you are looking for. Did it have a geometric print, stripes, polka dots or was the fabric in a floral pattern?

If you would give more a little more information, I will be more than happy to help you with bedroom decor or resources for the bedding set that you are looking for.

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