Cute Kids Bedding and Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedding sets are one of the most popular inspiration pieces that decorators use. Many times when the parents have a general idea of how they want to decorate their boy or girl's room but don't have the words to describe what they have in mind. In situations like this; a comforter set provides a visual of the decor or the color scheme that they have in mind and gives me a better understanding of what they want which helps me with my presentation.

To personalize the room, I often ask mom or dad if their children have any likes, dislikes or special hobbies that they might enjoy seeing reflected in their rooms. As you might imagine boys like sports (more on this later) and girls still like horses and girly girl colors even though the frilly, feminine designs have been replaced with diva girl decor and soccer and softball themes.

If you are looking for kids bedding and kids bedroom decorating ideas that we haven't featured on this page or if you have some cute kids bedroom ideas that you would like to share, please use the form that we have provided on this page for that purpose.

Sharing your pictures of decorated bedrooms will get you lots of compliments and virtual pats on the back from our visitors but get ready for the inevitable questions that come from having a cool room that everybody wants to copy. When you upload your photos, if you have time, please consider typing a few details regarding the room in the pics.

For instance, it would help so much if you could tell our readers where you got the bedding set, the bedroom furniture and wall decorations. The paint color that you used on the bedroom walls is always helpful and will save some overworked mom who may already be overwhelmed with the magnitude of the do-it-yourself bedroom decorating project that she has tackled. If she plans to buy the same kids bedding set that you chose, it just makes sense that she might want the name of the wall paint that you used as well.

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