Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

by Ginny


A "Flying" Bear skin rug decorates the ceiling of our log cabin as well as the floor

You should know that women want rustic log cabin decorating ideas as much as men. It's very sad to see the interior of hunting lodges given a slick, modern finish. Leave the walls natural wood to complete the atmosphere. As far as I'm concerned you don't even have to remove the bark!

Our hunting cabin has more women than men staying there at any given time. And they can lay claim to as many trophy bucks as the guys. They are in the woods to hunt. When the girls are in residence, it's not to keep house so high maintenance decorations, furniture and floor coverings would just not work for our bunch.

faux bear rug bearskin rug large black brown hide


Here's a picture of how we decorated the ceiling of our hunting lodge. We knew that walking on the rug with wet, muddy boots would create a problem. Rather than pack it up, we mounted it on the ceiling! That's the kind of log cabin decorating ideas that real hunters want.

From the Webmaster:
I love it your "Flying Bearskin Rug". I have to wonder if it's a faux bearskin rug or a real one. It's hard to tell because the fakes are getting so realistic.

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