by Briana

Have you seen those cool mirror decals? Not stickers that you stick on the surface of a plate glass mirror but the stickers that you can arrange around the edges of a mirror instead of a wooden or metal frame.


Talk about a dramatic wall decoration for a super cheap price. These things are truly amazing. I want to put one over the headboard of my bed like the one in the picture. I see that whoever decorated this room also used either a chandelier wall decal or one shaped like a candleabra but that was in a living room or a den and I'm not sure that I'd want that in my bedroom. What do you think.

From the Webmaster:

I think that using mirror decals is a great way to give a plain mirror personality. The picture that you uploaded was of a black mirror frame decal but I have seen vendors who will custom make stickers of this type in any color you want. As for the other decal to the right of the mirror decal, from the height I would say that it's either a candleabra decal or maybe a real candleabra. I really can't tell. If you could locate the original picture before it was cropped, you might be able to tell more about it.

I hope that you'll come back to Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Designs and share pictures of your mirror before and after you apply the mirror decals.

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