Modern Bedding and Bedroom Decorating Ideas
How to Decorate the Modern Bedroom

On this page we have ideas that will help you choose a modern bedding set for your DIY bedroom decorating project.  How can you know which of the new colors and fabrics seen in the latest collections will remain stylish and which will look outdated by next season? 

As we know, capturing the latest trends is difficult if not impossible since the world of style is a fast, moving target that changes with every tick of the clock. Modern bedroom decorating ideas, unlike ideas that hold true in other styles, are all the rage one second and old-fashioned the next.

The most popular decorating trends are constantly changing and the occasional decorator may feel that it is next to impossible to keep up with what is acceptable much less what is attractive and appealing.

The Best Modern Bedding Choices for a Master Bedroom

A comforter set on the cutting edge of fashion quickly becomes dated and unless you have the kind of budget that allows you frequent makeovers, the key is to choose a design that is fresh but not so "far out there" that it quickly loses its appeal.

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Some believe that contemporary décor creates a room with a cold and uninviting atmosphere. Those of you who are not familiar with the warmth and contemporary appearance of silk bedding should add it to their list of considerations.

Silk is my fabric of choice for both warm and cool weather comforters. I can't think of any bedding more satisfying and self-indulgent than silk and down. Silk is truly modern bedding at its finest.

Classic Modern Girls Bedding Trendy and Stylish

It’s fact that trendy prints and colors come and go but there are a few patterns that are represented in the landscape of home decor every season in one reincarnation or another. For instance, striped bed linens are a staple as are fabrics with geometric designs. I can think of no better way to get several seasons use out of your choice of bedding than to choose collections designed using striped fabrics.

Modern Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Staying in touch with the latest trends in modern bedding and bedroom design has never been easier. Simply visit your favorite interior decorator's website and browse through the projects in their portfolio online. You might also pick up some decorating magazines and take a look to see pictures of bedrooms a season ahead which gives you lots of time to pull together a color scheme and find a comforter set.

Contemporary Bedroom Colors

Embrace the latest palette of neutral colors like sage green and gray. You may have to study these delicious shades of green closely before deciding that they do indeed belong in the green color family. And the grays ...oh those mysterious neutrals with subtle undertones really send me unlike beige, that was the favorite neutral in wall paint and bedding fabric for so long. Antique white and beige pale in comparison to these richer more sumptuous colors. But don't discount pure white, Surprisingly enough, crisp, stark white can be a friend to today’s modern decorator.

Modern Bedroom Furniture

Unless Granny had a collection of art deco and Swedish contemporary bedroom furniture, this bedroom has no place for her hand-me-downs. Back in the day, people were of the mind that a bed worth owning was one that commanded attention. Cannonball bedposts, canopies and carved headboards that reached to the ceiling are indicative of their taste in bedroom decor. Contemporary beds with luxury bedding may still be the focal point of the bedroom but they are designed to flow and blend almost seamlessly with the furnishings of the room rather than to be the standout feature.

Contemporary Bedroom Design

What a contemporary bedding collection, minimalist furniture and gorgeous wall paint can do for the contemporary bedroom, clutter can undo. Nothing can make a room look as outdated as shelves full of knick knacks and poorly stored personal essentials. Box up the collectible figurines and invest in a closet organization system to prevent the look of today from looking like a junk store.

I hope that I’ve helped to clarify the elements of contemporary bedroom design and would like to invite you to share pictures of your modern bedroom with us. When you’re done with your decorating project, just snap some photos and use the form on this page to upload as many as four and to tell us how you decorated the room. We love to hear about how you chose your paint color, furniture and especially your modern bedding!

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