Bedroom-Decorating-Ideas-and-Designs’s unique decorative tiles are made with pride at its studio and factory in historic Pawtucket, Rhode Island – the American birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, and from colonial times to the present, a center for innovation in home-furnishing design and production.

“Research and development is critical,” according to CEO Gabe Garcia, who possesses a keen entrepreneurial sense of what start-up companies need to succeed, having piloted other ventures from basic concept to commercial reality. “It ensures a product that responds to the needs of our customers – in quality, variety, competitive pricing and delivery. We can only get better and better,” says Garcia.

The product line was developed with eclectic surface design in mind, allowing for many application choices. Mixing is encouraged. Integration is what holds it all together.

“The market dictates our product line.” says Garcia. “Individuals know what they want. We provide a new range of exciting tools for them to apply. By not being bound to any one surface, we enable the design process to cross architectural boundaries and expand spatial freedom of choice.”

At Bedroom-Decorating-Ideas-and-Designs, we continue to expand our product line to give the individual greater choices in applying personal blueprints for surface design.

NOTE: Dealer inquiries are appreciated — please contact us directly for information on sampling, merchandising programs, and dealer pricing.