Americana Style Red White and Blue Patriotic Bedroom Ideas

We have some red white and blue patriotic bedroom ideas that are a fine way to pay tribute to one of the greatest countries on earth. Our soldiers in the military need all the encouragement that we can give them for their sacrifices and decorating the rooms in our homes in modern or vintage Americana style is a show of pride and support!

Patriotic decor is popular in many areas of the home including the kitchen, the sunroom, the patio and even the bathroom. But the bedroom is by far the easiest to decorate because once you choose your favorite patriotic bedding set, whether it’s a primitive Americana bedding set with a tea dyed patchwork quilt or a red, white and blue color scheme with the white stars so shiny and bright that they could knock you blind, the die is cast and even a plain, white bedroom wall looks like a decorator spent hours choosing just the right color.

patriotic american flag bedding set comforter quilt red white and blue americana

One of the most important patriotic bedroom ideas is to choose a bed, the bedroom furniture and decorations with traditional styling. Even a bright, modern American flag bedding set looks best with sturdy, wooden Colonial furniture. If you don’t have an old-fashioned four-poster bed stored in the attic that you can refinish, replicas will do in a pinch and display your patriotic bedding proudly.

Base your patriotic bedroom ideas on what might have been in a bedroom in Colonial times. Imagine Betsy Ross sitting in a cane bottom rocking chair sewing the original stars and stripes of Old Glory together by the light of a candle burning in a pewter candleholder. How could a room decorated in such a manner be more patriotic?

Put the finishing touches on your patriotic decor by hanging a few embroidered samplers on the walls or perhaps some old recruiting posters with Uncle Sam pointing his finger and when you're done you can feel good about hanging a sign on the door that reads, "GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE!"

These patriotic bedroom ideas are aesthetically pleasing as well as a message to our troops that we appreciate their efforts! Every time the door to your room is opened, you will almost hear it whisper..."LET FREEDOM RING!"

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