Ideas for Peace Sign Bedrooms with Bedding, Accessories and Decor

Shopping for bedding, accessories and decor for peace sign bedrooms is so much fun! The 1960s, hippies and flower power are all making a big comeback with young girls who either love the colors and style or want to make a social statement. Shopping in stores that specialize in vintage posters and memorabilia from the 60s when psychedelic music and Woodstock were in the headlines is my idea of a cool way to spend the weekend!

For inspiration, my "go to" resource is my grandmother that remembers all too well the "Summer of Love", the clothes and colors that were all the rage. She told me how to decorate a girls' bedroom using black lights, lava lamps, peace signs, funky flower stickers and rainbows. But first we had to find the right comforter set since bedding always is the first step in any bedroom decorating project.

Diva girl red and black and white fashion theme bedroom with French toile fabrics and personalized peace sign wall decal with China red paint color

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Is peace sign bedroom decor ALWAYS bright or psychedelic? In most cases, that's what tween and teen girls want if mom simply won't allow it; there are ways to sneak in a peace sign or two even in the most elegant of rooms.

Tasteful personalized peace sign wall decals have the ability to make a statement either with or without turning the room into a hippie pad.

Black Lights and Peace Sign Posters
Granny refuses to admit to having taken part in even the most peaceful sit-in much less a protest of any sort so she had some explaining to do when I found her old black light and peace sign posters in the attic.

Funky groovy colorful BIG peace sign poster made of heavy durable paper

Apparently beneath that conservative exterior beat the heart of a flower child. A very clean child of the 60s but nonetheless a participant in the culture of the day and yes, she finally confessed that there was a time when she had peace sign bedroom decorations much to the dismay of her family.

Teenage girls and boys are once again taking up the "Give Peace a Chance" mantra and decorating their rooms with both vintage and modern psychedelic posters and peace sign bedding sets. Once again the wild patterns of tie dye bedding are seen on the beds of American youth.

Colorful girly glitter peace sign wall decals and stickers with polka dots for girls room

The one big difference is that rather than being upset about the request for peace sign bedroom sets, many parents seem pleased with the fact that their children care about the future and are taking up world peace as a political cause. Plus, this theme is so cute for a girly girl's room or a boy's for that matter. The designs are virtually the same for either.

Beyond the peace sign bedding set, quilt or comforter there should be wall decorations in the room that are in keeping with the theme.

Girls funky pink and blue peace sign theme bedroom with psychedelic wall decorations and comforter set

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Groovy peace sign posters are cheap and easy to come by but may overweight the decor by repeating the design so often that it is anything but peaceful. Depending on the personality of the teenage girl or boy to whom the bedroom belongs, I would hang posters with inspirational wording or wall decals with peaceful quotations added as an overlay to a psychedelic display of patterns in wild colors for a girl. For a boy, it’s hard to beat a poster of Jimi Hendrix or other rock stars of the 1960s.

If your comforter set is limited to the number of peace signs on the fabric, you might consider a border of decals on the walls or a beaded door curtain with the design in the layout of the beads. Now, how FAR OUT is that?

Do you have some peace sign or hippie bedroom pictures that you would like to share? Would you like tips on how to decorate your bedroom in a vintage psychedelic theme? Well, here's the place where you can share all you know about peace sign bedroom decorations, where to find cool comforters or whatever; just use the form. Please make plans to visit us again soon to see the latest in decor and bedding for peace sign bedrooms,bedroom ideas and recommendations for unique vintage decorations for your decorating project.

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