by Cyndi

Retro Pink Zebra Print Bedding and Bedroom Decor

Retro Pink Zebra Print Bedding and Bedroom Decor

Retro Pink Zebra Print Bedding and Bedroom Decor Cotton Candy Pink Leopard and Zebra Print Bedding and Bedroom Decor Girls WILD Pink Zebra Bed in a Bag Bedding Set

Help me choose which of these pink zebra themes I want for my bedroom! I love both of the pink zebra bedding sets and just can't make a decision. They are both for sale on ebay and I need to do something before they sell out.

What I like about the first zebra bedroom theme is that the pink zebra bedding set hasn't got so much zebra print that it's "in your face". My bedroom is kind of small and I wonder if the stripes will take over the room and be too much. Plus, I really, really like the retro color pink.


What I like about the second zebra bedroom theme is the pink leopard print on the pillow case (or the pillow shams whatever) and the girly girl, cotton candy pink is pretty cool and maybe better for a girl my age (13).

I really need help on choosing which bedding set is best for me and for my small bedroom. If anybody sees this post and can help me figure this out I really REALLY would appreciate it.

From the webmaster:

I looked at the auctions and one thing that I noticed is that the first full size zebra comforter set is more expensive than the second. This set comes with 5 pieces including a comforter, sheets and pillow cases with additional pieces like curtains, accent pillows for sale separately.

The second (cotton candy pink) zebra bedding set has 8 pieces including the comforter, THE BEDSKIRT, 2 pillow shams, a flat sheet, fitted sheet and a pair of pillowcases. So you get a lot of stuff for less money with this collection.
Neither is what I would call a cheap set, but they are both reasonably priced.

The price may not be an issue and you didn't ask me about that (but I thought I would point out the comparisons anyway). You asked my opinion on which of the zebra bedroom themes was more suited to a tween and (drumroll please) for your age, I would choose the second set because that retro pink just seems suited for an older girl.

I don't mean to make your decision making process even more complicated but when I was browsing the auctions, I found a third pink zebra comforter set that I wanted to share in case you might see some bedroom decorating ideas in the picture that you like.

I hope this helps, Cyndi, and that you will stop back by and tell us which one you ultimately chose for your bedroom.


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Dayja (or whatever) is rude
by: Anonymous

Look Dayja or whatever ur name is. WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT UR ROOM LOOKS LIKE?! CUZ I SURE DON'T AND I BET NO ONE ELSE DOES OKAY?????? Just because you"Think" you have the best room doesnt mean you can rub it into peoples face. It is flat out rude. I am a preteen and I love zebras and my room is hot pink with zebra accents and I love #3 also. So just back off and be nice for once.

by: Anonymous

I love this site!.

by: Anonymous

Daja or however you spell your name that was rude and as for the girl in distress over bedding I would choose #3 handsdown!

I hope everything works out for you and I hope my opinion helps. I am a preteen girl and I am looking for a hot pink and lime green zebra stripe print bedding. If anybody has any knowledge as to where I might find a set like this please let me know! thank you

Sincerely anonymous

by: daija (day-ja)

i am a teen i am 14 my room has peace zebra and hearts trust me my room is way better than this i mean this room would be good for a baby girl not a teen uh i am going to send in photos of my room its way better than these beds. If you think you got the best room... well news flash... I do!

What about if I send pictures into this site so you can see? can go to bed like a baby and have your mommy tuck you in at night.

Number THREE!
by: Anonymous

It was EASY for me to choose! I pick bedroom #3! That's gorgeous! Maybe not for a pre-teen...but it's my taste and worth the small amount of extra money it costs.

I love the bedding but never heard of a pink zebra theme except on a blog background.

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