Purple and Lime Green Soda Comforter Set

by Becky Numbers
(Lancaster, OH)

Could you please tell me where I might find a purple and lime green soda comforter set? If you could tell me where can I purchase that bedding set I would really appreciate it since my daughter fell in the love with the look and we just got done remodeling her room.

She loves the bright purple and lime green colors of the bedding. Can you tell me where I can purchase it? Thank you.
Becky Numbers


From the webmaster:

bright purple girls bedding comforter set bedspread

Becky, I wish I could help you find the purple and lime green soda comforter set that you are looking for. Unfortunately I haven't seen a single piece of the Soda bedding collection for sale in over a year! There have been so many requests for it that I can't imagine why some bedding manufacturer hasn't come out with (at least!) something similar but, so far nothing has surfaced that comes close.

lime green girls neon sheet sets pillow cases

Since your teen girl likes those colors maybe you could put your own set together using a bright purple comforter, some lime green sheets and funky throw pillows. Granted, that wouldn't have the exact look of the Soda comforter set but it would get your daughter the color scheme that she likes.

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