Purple Bedroom Theme Ideas

by Gracie
(Virginia Beach, VA)

We just got a new house and me and my brother and sister get to paint and decorate our rooms. I need some purple bedroom theme ideas so that I can start decorating my room.

The wall in my room is painted purple; it's not a dark purple, but it's not light either. It's kind of between and in the middle.

I'm trying to think of a theme that would work and match purple because I can't re-paint the walls.

Can someone please, please, please, oh please help me find a theme?

I am 12 years old so it can't be a little girl theme like Littlest Pet Shop (no offense to anybody who likes that, I'm just past it).

And it CAN'T be girly, since I'm a full blown tomboy, not a girly girl!

Also, I want NO PINK so I would need some other color to accent the walls!

Please post your purple bedroom theme ideas in the comments section so that I can get started!

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