by Lennie

red and white check checkered checked gingham bedding comforter set


red and white check checkered checked gingham ladybug window curtains valance topper
Red and white checked bedding is so fresh, cheerful and just right for the makeover I have planned for my bedroom around Valentine's Day! My plans are to use a window valance with ladybugs on the border on both windows with a white wooden blind for privacy rather than floor length curtain panels.

I just can't decide whether I want to let the curtains be the only place in the room where I use the red ladybugs and let that be it for the ladybug theme. Should I use polka dot wall decals to match my red and white checked bedding set or would it be cuter to use ladybug stickers to decorate the walls.

If my bedroom was not so small I could use both the polka dots and ladybug wall decorations but I'm afraid of over decorating and making the space look cluttered.

If anybody has any pictures of a bedroom that has a set of red and white gingham bedding, could you please post it and share your decorating ideas?

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