by Becky

I have a red bedding set that I love but I need help in choosing what colors to use for walls and accent colors. Thinking of shades of brown or taupe. Help?

From the webmaster:

Hi there!

red and brown taupe bedroom pictures walls

Here's a picture of a red bedroom makeover that I finished recently and the client had a red comforter set that she wanted to keep and use just like you.

My solution was to get a brown damask comforter, paint the walls and use the red as an accent color.

Could you tell us if your red bedding set is solid red or if there is a print involved. If there is a print, perhaps you can look to it for direction on wall color and what colors to use as accents.

My next question would be just how much of the color red can you take? Some people like just a touch and others want to paint the walls and the ceilings red and use a comforter set with lots of warm colors.

If you want more brown or taupe than red, you might refer to the picture of the bedroom to pick up some bedroom decorating ideas that will allow you to keep your red bedding set.

I hope this helps!

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