Decorating Ideas for Red Bedrooms for Teenage Girls and the Master Suite

We have some decorating ideas for red bedrooms to help DIY decorators make the most of this color's warm and inviting characteristics. Being that it has perhaps the most profound decorative and emotional impact of all; bedrooms in red can easily be a delight or a disaster.

Of all the colors on the wheel, this one packs quite a punch in the mood altering department. The key is to put it to work in such a way that it's not over-stimulating which is very undesirable in a room where we go to unwind and escape the worries of the day.

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As an example, I once had a client who insisted that she wanted to give her room a makeover using a shade of red that had more than a little orange in the mix. As a professional decorator I have learned to put emotional distance between the vision that I have for a space and what my employer might have in mind but this was one time that caution was advised, ignored and the end results were regrettable.

Restul dark chocolate brown and red master bedroom with embroidered silk bedding sheets and comforter set

Restful Bedroom in Red and Chocolate Brown

As red bedrooms go, this project was my least favorite even though all of the decorating rules for choosing a color scheme were followed to the letter. The proper balance of neutrals was in place and I considered it a job well done in spite of the orangey shade of red. Most importantly, the client was satisfied; at least initially. To her credit, she did her best to enjoy her decorative decisions but at the beginning of the very next season I got a call requesting my services for a bedroom makeover. As things turned out, the red walls in this room carried far too much sensory stimulation for her to be able to relax at the end of her workday.

To save money (the red bedding set that she had chosen was not cheap) I asked her if changing out the accent pieces and bringing in more neutral shades would adjust the atmosphere enough that she could get more mileage out of her comforter and curtains only to receive a negative reply. She wanted nothing more to do with a red bedroom whatsoever.

No real decorating mistakes were made in the completion of this project other than choosing a color that had an adverse effect on my client's mood. Perhaps she should have eased her way into decorating with red using a shade of red that had undertones of blue that may have been more calming and peaceful.

The lesson to be learned from this experience is that if you are considering a strong color choice in a room take time to learn which colors are associated with the desired atmosphere that you would like to create. In the end, you may find that it is virtually impossible to live with a color you love.

Best Red Bedroom Color Schemes
Choosing a color combination depends on whether the room is being decorated for a teenage girl, boy or an adult. For example, tweens and teens might adore the excitement of hot pink, red and orange but the same palette would be nothing short of nerve-racking to adults who would most likely prefer a more restful dark brown and red bedroom.

Pictures of Red Bedrooms
Looking at pictures of bedrooms in red is a great way to get a feel for color balance but there's no way to know how walking into a red room will affect your mood. I recommend a test drive before blowing your budget on decorating your bedroom in red or wasting your time and money painting the walls red to see if this is decor that suits you.

If you are a brave soul and have a taste for bold color, please return to Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Designs and share your red bedroom pictures!


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