Red Bird Bedding

by Lynette

Cardinal Red and White Redbird Bedding Sheets and Comforter Set

Cardinal Red and White Redbird Bedding Sheets and Comforter Set

I'm dressing my bedroom for winter with this redbird bedding set from Pottery Barn! Holiday bedding sets with holly berries and pictures of Santa Claus have a very short shelf life so I went in search of something that would look nice with my Christmas decorations and collectibles and found that the trend towards decorating with red bedding has opened a world of possiblities for me!


My plans are to hang a pretty winter berry wreath on the bedroom door, pull out some red satin throw pillows and arrange some of my prettiest candlholders on the dresser.

I would like to hear your opinions on whether or not I should use a shade of evergreen as an accent color or black. Is it just me trying to get longer use out of the decor by avoiding green or would using black really look better?

From the Webmaster
My hat's off to you for decorating your bedroom as the seasons change, much less just one holiday! It seems that no sooner than we have the room arranged just how we want it than we have to pack it all up again.

That being said, I was wondering how much trouble would it be to accent your beautiful red bird bedding set with black until the first of December. I was wondering if you might be able to make things more festive with holiday greenery (just a few pieces) and then switch things out after Christmas.

I think your cardinal comforter set is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure that you're bedroom decorating ideas will be lovely whatever you decide.

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