Coolest Skateboarding Stickers and Wall Decals

GIANT skateboarding stickers are the wall decorations of choice for a boy who is a skateboard fanatic and has a skateboard themed bedroom. Skateboarding wall stickers cover a lot of wall space for a very cheap price PLUS they are easy to apply and the vinyl decals should do absolutely NO damage to any surface that they decorate.

You can buy huge decals that are silhouettes of kids riding their skateboards to create an entire wall mural with action shots; how large or small you want the display to be is entirely up to you. Decals are available in all sizes as well as in solid black, loaded with full color and some feature pictures of your favorite celebrity skateboarder.

Personalized skateboarding wall decals and stickers with boys name

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If the skateboard bedroom is occupied by a boy or girl that has a habit of writing on their wall art, the black chalkboard skateboarding stickers might be the ticket.

Skateboard bedroom decor with black skateboarding wall decals and stickers arrangement over the boys bed
Skateboard Bedroom Theme Ideas

Another benefit of using black is that when that cool skateboard bedding set wears out or just isn’t that cool anymore you don’t have to buy all new wall decor because of a drastic color change.

When the time comes to put the skateboards away for good and take the decals down, no problem; the removable skateboarding wall stickers should leave no sticky residue to clean or have caused any damage to the paint that has to be repaired.

Personalized skateboarding wall stickers and decals with saying

When it’s time to give your board fan’s room a makeover or when you move out of your rental to a new home just peel them off and go! Skateboard wall stickers for boys, unlike framed artwork that requires hammering nails into the wall to hang, won’t make you lose your damage deposit because of nail holes left in the bedroom walls!

If you have a picture of a kid’s bedroom that you decorated with skateboarding stickers we would love to see them! Sharing your pictures is easy by using the form on this page that I’ve provided and it won’t take but a second or two to share your bedroom decorating ideas.

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