Tattoo bedding sets for girls range from edgy designs covered in the Harley Davidson logo including the classic burnt orange and black color scheme to cute comforters in pink that are very appealing to young girls sometime after the toddler stage but before they hit the tween years. For this group, we see Hello Kitty collections and lighthearted patterns with bluebirds, hot pink hearts and motivational words of encouragement displayed in the fabric's print.

bird heart tattoo bedding comforter girls

As you will see, tattoo bedding and sheet sets have more than one personality. For the chick with a mature, urban taste for "in your face" graphics, there are spectacular offerings by designers like Ed Hardy. Not to leave the young ones without options, Hello Kitty tattoo bedding and decor will keep their bedrooms decorated in pink with their approval for a few more years.

Some of my clients have objected to having anything remotely to do with a tattoo associated with their daughters' bedroom decor. Perhaps they were concerned that such a design might inspire the little sweethearts to rush out and get tattooed on the sly.

I may be wrong, but I feel that having a particular comforter set is no more of an inspiration to act out in such a way than those temporary tattoos that little girls play with at birthday parties. Even when I feel they are wrong, in my line of work, the customer is always right but I can't help but think that this is giving Hello Kitty and the Bluebird of Happiness a raw deal. Return to Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas and Designs to find more trendy decorations for young ladies of all ages.

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