Cool Teen Bedding and Comforter Sets for the Teenage Bedroom

Any decorator knows that teen bedding is in a completely different category than what you might see on the bed in a stylish master bedroom. Teenage girls and to a slightly lesser extent, teenage boys, want bright, funky, trendy bedding sets and ensembles that are chic and sophisticated but yet not quite what adults would choose.

Cool Teen Bedding for Girls in the latest colors and styles.

Take for example, teen girls bedding sets in an Hawaiian or tropical theme. A teenage girl with ideas for a designing a cool bedroom would be more likely to go for Hawaiian scenery in black and white with large splashes of hot pink hibiscus flowers.

Teen girl bedroom with hot pink zebra girly skulls and cheetah print wallpaper

Zebra Bedding for Teen Girls

What are the Latest Trends in Bedding Sets for Teens

Since so many moms with pre-teen and teen girls write to me to ask this question, I thought that I would put the answer here. First of all, what's all the rage and flying off the shelves of both discount stores and designer boutiques alike can be yesterday's news in a flash! Zebra bedding for teenage girls has been extremely popular for a couple of years but that could all come to an end at any time.

The smart thing to do is to choose the best color scheme and then a fabric pattern or theme that you love and will enjoy because what's stylish today could be labeled "old-fashioned" tomorrow.

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

Not every teen girls' idea of her "dream room" is a wild and funky riot of bright color. There are still frequent calls with requests for traditional teen girl bedroom themes including ballerina themes, cowgirl themes and shabby chic bedrooms filled with upscale, shabby chic bedding in fabric with a pattern of cabbage roses and large, pink bows. There's no real way to tell if this is mom's choice or her daughter's but there have been no complaints which brings me to the conclusion that there are still some old-fashioned girly girls around that prefer feminine bedding and bedroom decor over what's trendy at any given moment.

Teens change their minds on a dime and their taste in bedroom decor can be pretty wishy-washy. I can recall decorating a teen girl's bedroom once upon a time and the young girl changed her mind no less than three times. She went from a Parisian apartment theme with a pink and black teen bedding set ordered online to a satin polka dot bedding set before settling on a lime green and pink striped zebra print bedding set. It seemed as if she wanted to sample every teen bedding ensemble and bedroom design before making her final decision.

Bedroom Ideas for Teen Boys

Finding bedding for boys is a completely different sort of challenge than finding something suitable for girls; there just aren't that many for sale. If you don't want to take my word for it, just ask any mother of a teenage boy who happens to be in the middle of decorating her son's bedroom. The complaints from mothers in this predicament are many and (when you're in my position)..LOUD!.

I asked my favorite custom fabric representative why this was so and his answer was that they simply didn't have that many calls for bedding specifically designed for teenage boys since boys are not that particular about what their rooms look like so most moms don't bother. You could have knocked me over with a feather since the number of clients asking for help with their teen boys' bedrooms has literally exploded the last few years. Needless to say, I let this guy know he was missing out on a great opportunity to move more product!

Some of the teen boys bedding sets and ensembles that I would love to see more of would be collegiate striped comforters, black and white bedding sets and surf themed bedding sets. And that is just what is on my personal "to do" list!

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