Teenage Girl Loft Bedroom Ideas

by Mom of Unhappy Teenage Girl

Black and White Teen Girl's Loft Bedroom with Balcony

I came here looking for teenage girl loft bedroom ideas! How do I go about decorating a black and white room for a teen girl similar to the one in the bedroom picture and make it more attractive?

We bought solid white bedding and painted the room just the way my daughter wanted it to be painted: in stark white with the beams (rafters?) painted in glossy black enamel but something is missing. The black and white bedroom just looks lifeless and I have one very unhappy teenage girl on my hands.

At first we thought that we need to add something gray to soften the contrast of the black and white color scheme. I think we made a big mistake in buying the blue-gray curtain panels and area rug.

Rather than improving the situation, I believe that we just gave the room a "muddy" non-descript look.

If someone can make suggestions on how to give this room more personality and style I would be very grateful.

From the webmaster:

Someone will probably stop by and share some teenage girl loft bedroom ideas that will help you with your dilemma. At first glance it seems to me that you might be able to salvage your teen girl's bedroom decor by simply adding some bright (and I mean BRIGHT) red or hot pink accent pillows and wall decorations. It seems to me that what you are lacking here is a bold color to brighten things up a bit.

Try this and I think you'll see your daughter's mood improve! By all means stop back by and share pictures of the finished design so we can see which accent color you chose and if my suggestion worked!

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