Twilight Bedroom Ideas

by lizzy

Twilight Bedroom Design

Twilight Bedroom Design

Here are a few Twilight bedroom ideas that I came up with for the other poster.Paint your bedroom walls in an aqua blue paint color just like Bella's. Frame and hang large posters featuring all four of the books in the Twilight series.

You can also find some Twilight "inspired" wall letter decals in a Gothic font which would look fantastic spelling out your favorite Twilight quotes or the names of all the characters or just the name of your favorite book or movie.


I think it would look so cool to have enough stickers to spell out all that stuff in a border all around the walls of the room going over and around the furniture rather than just straight across like a regular wallpaper border.

As far as your furniture is concerned, maybe you would like some nice, white furniture to contrast with the blue/gray wall color and black letter stickers including a desk and dress where you could arrange other Twilight accessories on the surfaces like Bella's mirror that I sent you in the picture?

I hope you like my Twilight bedroom SHOULD cause they are better than any other bedroom decorating ideas that I've seen for this theme! Everything that I've suggested is on topic without being corny and "in your face" but go ahead and tell me what do you think or better yet, tell me what it is you do or don't like and I'll be happy to make more suggestions.

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