Zebra Bedroom Walls

Teen Girl's Purple and Black Zebra Bedroom

Teen Girl's Purple and Black Zebra Bedroom

I have a question regarding my teen girl's zebra bedroom walls. What wall paint colors would look best with the purple and black of my comforter set that is purple with black zebra print.

What solid colors will look good on the walls? Should I add any painted designs or patterns to the walls in my teenage daughter's room?


purple and black girls zebra bedroom sheets comforter set

From the webmaster:

I am assuming that your teen girls purple and black zebra print comforter set has a color combination similar to the ones in the pictures?

As you can see from the color of the zebra bedroom walls in the top pic, beige is NOT a good choice. White would work but before I took the easy route, I would take home as many lavender (very pale?) paint chips as I could find and tape them on the wall behind the comforter set and see how that worked.

I would not paint zebra stripes on the wall or hang zebra print wallpaper or border. I would look for artwork with touches of zebra print in them. For instance, there are some really cute pictures of high heels with zebra accents out there that are perfect for a teen divas bedroom. Most of the wall decorations have hot pink ribbons, etc. but if you were able to replace the pink satin ribbons and trim with purple satin the effect would be amazing! Look below the pink bedroom picture on the teen diva bedroom page and you will see some examples.

Let me know if my zebra bedroom decorating ideas helped and please come back and show off your pictures!

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