The Coolest Zebra Bedroom Ideas, Bedding and Accessories for Teen Girls

There was once a time when a zebra bedroom was actually a jungle theme room that held a serene, green tropical atmosphere with zebra print included as an accent rather than a "theme". Most rooms decorated in this style were master bedrooms for adults that loved the idea of retiring to a jungle retreat at the end of the day. Today, zebra print is most popular in rooms decorated for teens and tweens and beyond the wild animal print there's very little if anything "jungle safari" in the usual inspiration file.

The theme has since Undergone a makeover and morphed into a style in no way resembles an African safari. Yes, it still embraces the edgy use of wild animal prints but the color schemes are not always what one might see in nature. This may offend some animal rights activists but we see it as an opportunity to take trends away from using fur.

Zebra Bedroom Ideas

But they are very, very cute and that makes up for the lack of adherence to the natural scheme of things as far as color is concerned.

Go here to see how adding bold zebra print wallpaper and decor can enhance your bedroom makeover ideas.

In other words, the bold pattern on the zebra print bedding set and jungle animals on the wallpaper (all bedrooms used to have it and if you wait long enough decorating trends WILL get there again) were indicative of the untamed wilds of Africa.

Teen girl bedroom with hot pink zebra girly skulls and cheetah print wallpaper

Zebra and Pink Bedroom Ideas

If you weren’t careful your zebra theme decorations could get completely out of hand. Sure, safaris are supposed to be exciting, but the results were a space that was disconcerting rather than a peaceful place to sleep.

Zebra Teen Girl Bedroom Theme
Today’s zebra theme bedroom is about as far from decorating with ideas using the old fashioned "horse in his pajamas" theme as you can get. That is if the horse of your memory was black and white. You are far more likely to find a girl’s room decorated in black and hot pink or black and lime green bedding and a set of bright purple girls bedding than black and white zebra print wallpaper, zebra wall decals and decor.

Light purple and white zebra print bedding for a teen girl spring or summer bedroom with a lightweight comforter

Purple Zebra Bedroom Ideas

And rather than being most popular in the master suite, zebra bedding sets are being snapped up by moms for their teenage girls zebra theme bedroom and zebra baby bedding sets are flying off the shelves in the hands of expectant parents enthusiastically embracing the fun of decorating their daughter’s first room.

Be careful how far and wide that you allow your delightful display of zebra print to travel. Give your zebra print bedding the best chance possible to command the attention that it so richly deserves by limiting your decorative accessories to a matching zebra area rug, accent chair OR zebra curtains rather than to crowd all three into the space.

It’s possible to use other wild animal print fabrics as accent pieces rather than to layer on more striped zebra print. This is an exceptionally attractive plan for use with a chocolate brown zebra print bedding set as both cheetah and leopard prints include a similar color scheme. But again, moderation is the key as too many wild animal prints are bound to clash.

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